Step by Step


Creating new content with the Miami WordPress Theme is super easy.
This One-Pager will quickly guide you through just some of the possibilities Miami offers.



The first step in creating a new page in Miami is selecting a layout.

You can select wide, boxed, fullwidth layouts with or without header / footer. The Theme grid size can also be set to preset values or defined freely!

Note that all page options can also be defined as default in the themes general settings tab.



Next we want to define the type of header and page title.

The page title can either be turned off, displayed within the header media or color overlay area, or below the header area. Positioning can be fine tuned with offset values.

The header area supports various media types ranging from images, sliders, videos, grids, maps and more!



It’s also possible to set the content colors and footer style on a per page basis.

Content background and font colors, site background images, an optional sidebar and / or slide-in area triggered from the header button are all possible customization options.

The footer column layout and individual column color schemes can also be set.



Menus are also a flexible part of the Miami framework.

By default, menus have a light or dark color scheme with a seperate set for the sticky version of the menu. This means that you can have a light colored menu which turns into a dark colored menu when the page is scrolled down.

Along with the optionally two step menu you can also have alternate logo images for the first and second step.

Miami also allows for a full-blown one-pager in addition to the classic menu navigation through content. The beauty of this is, that each page can optionally be assigned with a different menu!



The Miami Theme Framework offers so many possibilities, you can let your creativity flow!

  • All Options available for Pages, Posts & Custom Posts
  • Convenient Global Default switches for options
  • Truly Flexible Grid with Custom Sizes
  • Intelligent Theme Installation
  • ThemePunch Plugin “All-in-One” Power
  • Modular Structure, easily Maintainable & Updatable
  • Regular Theme Updates
    (WooCommerce coming soon!)
  • Premium Theme Support

We spend months of development to complete the Miami Theme Framework and are proud to present you the final result. Make sure to checkout all of our example pages to grasp an idea of the full potential Miami offers!